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Who created the universe? Who is the cause for this ‘VISWAROOPAM’ (Universe)? GOD?


Those, who believe on THE ALMIGHTY also, raise such questions. Even Swami Vivekananda went, in search of his GURU, towards Dakshineswaram, with this question. Hence, it is not correct on our part to think that ‘questioning’ the belief is wrong. The ‘search’ for answers would result in more clarity and finally lead to light. This search has been in the human mind from the very beginning of humanity. Human being were/are not satisfied with the known routine of eating, drinking, sleeping, earning, saving, finding ways of comforts for living etc. of the present. They were/are in search of the past as to from where the journey started and where it would end? Hence, the search.


The ‘PRASNOPANISHAD’ gives the answers of our Great Rishis for such questions. Six students, who were searching answers for such questions, approached Great Master PIPPALADA and prayed before him to give them ‘the knowledge’ which would reveal ‘answers’ to these questions. Great Rishi asked them to stay with him for one year with austerity, celibacy and faith and then ask questions. The six disciples obeyed his instructions and maintained absolute discipline. After a year, the disciple, called ‘Kathyayana Kabandi’ approached the Master, and asked him ‘Revered Master, from where are these creations born’?

To him, Great Rishi replied –

“Tasmai sa hovaca
Prajakamo vai prajapatih sa tapo-tapyata
Sa tapas-taptva sa mithunam-utpadayate,
Rayim ca pranam ceti etau
Me bahudha prajah krisyata-iti “

‘Prajapati, the Lord of the Creatures, having performed penance, created a pair – Matter (Rayi) and Energy (Shakthi – Prana), thinking that together they would, between them, produce creatures in many ways.’

The word ‘prajapathi’ here gives the meaning of ‘creative energy’ as interpreted by our great masters like Vivekananda. Therefore, the ‘creation’ should not be construed as if a ‘creator’ sitting in his abode in some other ‘lokam’ did create the world of beings and the endless diversities. One more question arises here – where was ‘prajapathi’ or ‘creative energy’ before the creation? For any ‘creation’, in addition to the ‘creator’, the ‘skill’ for creation of the particular product, and also ‘raw material’ from which it can be created are needed. Wherefrom they were obtained by the ‘creator’? Whether they already existed, if so who created them? ‘Mundaka Upanishad’ gives the answer.

‘Yathornaabhih Srajate granhate cha yatha
Tathaaksharaat sambhavatiha viswam’

‘As the spider creates the web out of itself and withdraws unto itself’ from the imperishable comes out the universe’.

It means the creation, creator and the created are one and the same. The energy and matter are not different. The only permanent existence is of the ‘creative energy’, which is called SHAKTHI. This SHAKTHI is indicated with the word ‘GOD’.


Albert Einstein gave to the world his famous formula: E = MC².
This formula explains the relationship between energy and matter. When matter approaches the speed of light, we call it energy, and as the velocity slows down to zero, it remains matter. Without the ‘creative energy’ the matter is ‘inert’. It becomes ‘sentient being’, just because of the existence of ‘energy’. The ‘matter’ cannot evolve itself without the existence of ‘energy’ for the purpose of creation. Thus ‘energy’ is proved to be the basic principle for this creation. The HINDUS call ‘creative energy (SHAKTHI) from which everything has come as ‘GOD’. Since the ‘SAKTHI’ (Energy) is everywhere and it is, in fact, everything and every being, seen and felt by us, it is ‘Absolute’.


Thus, whatever ‘form’ we see in this world with whatever ‘name’ we recognize, it is SAKTHI—ENERGY—GOD. This ‘concept’ is revealed in ‘VISWAROOPADARSANAM’ – seen by ARJUNA in Bagavat Gita. After seeing the ‘VISWAROOPA’ Arjuna said—you, the creative energy, (Prajapathi), are pervaded everywhere.

It is also said in Gita, that

Sarvatha: panipatham,
Thathsarvathoshi shiromukham
Sarvamavruthya thishtathi. Ch.13 Sloka 13

With hands and feet everywhere, with eyes, heads and mouths everywhere, with ears everywhere, He exists in the world, enveloping all.
Here ‘HE’ indicates the ‘creative energy’, which pervades the whole universe revealing VISWAROOPADARSHANAM.

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